Moodle (2.0) Sreencast Tutorials - the basics!

Here are the first of a series of screencast tutorials that I am putting together for teachers getting to know their way around Moodle 2.0. As we know Moodle is much more than a repository for "stuff", but in reality, uploading some key handouts and resources will give students a good reason to use the course page whilst providing teachers with a sense of achievement also.


  1. Thanks for sharing these so widely. I have posted about them on I hope you don't mind.


  2. Thank you Claire. Great stuff!

    I would like to set up an Auckland based Moodle support group. It might be helpful to have the occasional face to face time in addition to the Moodle in Schools site.
    Will be in touch again with more details!

  3. Thank you for this Claire. Was good to give a link to my staff (I'm an HOD) to look at this as they begin learning about Moodle. It means they can go back and look after they have had some basic intro to Moodle.

  4. Thank you for this shareing:)

  5. Thanks, I love your simplicity.
    Very considerate in the way you explain:for those who know more is good; and then for the very beginners, they feel well taken care of.

    Love your way


  6. This is really helpful, online learning revolutionized the way of learning. Thanks.
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