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Avoiding a zombie apocalypse - What could a clear and cohesive roll out of the NZC Refresh and NCEA Change Package look like??

The last three school years have been like no other. 2022 has been particularly hard as teachers trudge their way out of two and half plus years of attempting to keep students engaged and learning through waves of COVID-19, rolling lockdowns, evolving hybrid teaching and learning practices, whilst also battling their own bouts of COVID-19, widespread winter illnesses and a rollercoaster of stress, anxiety, existential despair. It is no wonder we have a workforce who is fast running out of steam (and some even running out of the sector). Add to this the veritable tsunami of change on the educational horizon and you soon get the sense that we may very quickly be dealing with an educational zombie apocalypse.   The future of the teaching workforce? I have already written about my concerns regarding the waves of educational change that is about to wash through the educational landscape and until recently was convinced it was simply a matter of prioritising the NZC refresh before we foc