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NCEA Change Package 2.0 - dreaming of a different outcome

Since the announcement of the NCEA Change Package I have vacillated between angry, sad, angry, sad, frustrated and mystified. I constantly seem to be asking myself - how did we land here? How did we end up with a package which feels so very much like, at best, a step backwards and worst a damaging double down on industrial definitions of knowledge as defined by subjects. And even worse, how did we end up with a package which totally failed to address  issues around well being and workload for our young people? My primary concerns are outlined here: In 2018 we were presented with innovative, future focused opportunities that we were given the opportunity to feedback on. In 2019 we have been presented with a very very different NCEA Change Package that we do not have the opportunity to provide feedback on.  It is clear that the latter document was the direct result of the intervention of the coalition of Principals who were upset by the innovations presented in the “big opportun