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Social Media for Educators with Mr DK

Yesterday I went along to the ‘Social Media  for Educators’ Core Education Breakfast and Master Class with DK  and it was full of ideas about reconsidering how and why we might use ICTs in and beyond the classroom.  One example was the website SoundCloud which is primarily used for musicians and DJs for recording, uploading and sharing music. Basically it’s an audio version of YouTube, but you can comment and annotate tracks online – anyhoo we got talking about other ways we could use it and it struck me that this could be a really powerful English teaching platform where you could get students recording readings of texts, poems and then annotate and identify/comment on language techniques or practice and feedback on delivery of speech??? AudioBoo was another, it is a website and available as apps too. It is a free voice recorder that can then be embedded or emailed as an audio file – again, the ways students and teachers could use this is endless and the fact that stude