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SPANZ - in a land of plenty (men) and an opportunity for women

Source Today marks the first full day at the Secondary Principals of Aotearoa New Zealand (SPANZ) conference.  Today we get to sit through the first three of five keynotes, all of which are men.  To put this into context, Principalship in New Zealand is dominated by men. In 2019 37% of secondary school leaders were female, this is in contrast to the secondary teacher workforce where 63% are women. Whilst we have made progress over the last thirty years going from 19%  to 37% female leaders, we are still very much under-represented.  Considering the influence and reach secondary leaders have and the important responsibility they fulfil in leading our young people what is the price we pay for this under representation?? Source: NZCER Above are the stats that are laid out in NZCER's Women becoming secondary school leaders: Barriers, supports, and enablers Report written by Cathy Wylie, Jo MacDonald, and Renee Tuifagalele and published in 2020.  In the report, Wylie, MacDonald, and Tui