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Digital Citizenship training for students

Digital citizenship training
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I just wanted to share something I have been working on - a resource for our Year 9 tutor teachers to provide some Digital Citizenship training for our students. As always, feel free to use, adapt, ignore at your leisure. Also any suggestions and/or feedback would be appreciated!

Digital Citizenship training PPT - feel free to download and adapt Digital Citizenship Doc- feel free to download and adapt
The contract I refer to is available here:

Using ICTs in English

Yesterday I did a presentation to our English dept about ideas for integrating a range of ICTs in English, highlighting tools and strategies that supported thinking, collaboration and differentiation. Although in an English context there are many ideas that might be of interest to any curriculum area. I have attached a link to the original PPT below which has several embedded videos and links to the resources discussed, and above a video recording of the presentation.
Ideas for Using ICTs in English PPT - feel free to download and adapt if anything looks useful!