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NZTC Review Proposal - here's my response, what's yours???

--> Here's my response for it's worth - not expecting everyone to agree... I don't even agree with myself sometimes. How is your response going??? Due in here on Sunday 14th June. 1. What should be the focus and responsibilities of a body created to lead the development of the education profession? The focus and responsibilities of the body should be: professional development, appraisal, registration, research and promotion. Professional Development – This is the most important area of focus for the NZTC, and at present the most under-represented. The NZTC needs to be providing a greater variety of interactive professional development resources and opportunities. Resources are available, but even these are untapped by most. The NZTC needs to explore ways to bring their approaches into the 21 st century and explore how it could be utilising online environments to create ways for teachers to engage in ongoing professional development. This m