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An Updated Beginner's Guide to Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Click here to view the clip about HPSS on Seven Sharp Click here to read HPSS and Seven Sharp - The School Behind the Soundbite This post is an update on the original A Beginner's Guide to Hobsonville Point Secondary School . The updated version includes some changes made to our time table as a result of a Term 3 curriculum review. It is our hope that this post will need to be updated regularly as we plan for the timetable to evolve regularly to ensure we are always responsive an meeting the needs of our current cohort. So what is HPSS all about and how are we hoping to evolve existing models of secondary education? HPSS is a co-educational state school located in Hobsonville Point, Auckland. We are a MLE (modern learning environment) which means we are a large open plan school, typified by open flexible learning spaces, break out rooms and specialised learning spaces. The furniture is varied, including high bar leaners, mid-level desks, tables, low tables and bean ba