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SPANZ Day 4 - Keynote - Dr Mere Berryman - Indigenising and Decolonising: Structural and Cultural shifts

De Mere Berryman From the SPANZ programme: Understanding contexts for learning where equity and belonging can be a reality for Māori means coming to deeply understand historical events that have seen the systematic belittlement and redefinition of Māori identities through colonisation. Upon this historical legacy of cultural harm, school policies were imposed this century, so that we would step up (Ka Hikitia) and establish educational structures where Māori learners could ‘enjoy and achieve education success as Māori’. Today contexts for learning have seen mātauranga Māori being appropriated and applied across the system. Courageous leaders, who commit to making the aspirations of Ka Hikitia a lived reality in their schools, are ensuring that this generation of Māori learners is better served by education. Importantly they have also shown the benefits that ensue for Māori can be for all.  Article from RNZ: