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NCEA Change Package - it's not just the primary principals who should be concerned!

Today we have seen a number of news outlets reporting about Primary Principal's concern about NCEA literacy and numeracy potentially being assessed as early as Year Seven. I heartily agree that this is a very real concern. One of many. Earlier this year I pulled together what I see as a range of serious issues with the NCEA Change Package as it stands at the moment. I feel confident that the review of achievement standards taking place at the moment should and will address many, if not all, of these concerns. I do however think we all need to look closely at the recommended changes as there is a very real risk that not doing so might mean we don't respond to potential issues until it is too late. Ultimately, I am worried that our collective silence about these issues may in fact be mistaken for acceptance or even endorsement. If you haven't already, please do take the time to read up on the NCEA Change Package here: