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Why I am standing for EDUCANZ (anyway)

Source Let's get a few things straight first. Of course I am disappointed that we are losing a democratic means of voting on at least some of the council. Of course I am disappointed that we are moving from a Code of Ethics to a Code of Conduct. In fact I campaigned against these very things here and here . And whilst I understand that PPTA's ballot is a matter of principle and was voted on, I simply do not understand how it will change anything. Whether PPTA and members choose to "not accept nomination or appointment to the EDUCANZ council nor participate in the body’s consultation processes" or not does not change the fact that it will go ahead...regardless. 

How might we be more explicit in honouring our bi-cultural heritage in our leadership and teaching?

As I have shared in the past, at HPSS we encourage all staff to create a Personal Professional Learning Plan where we create a number of professional teaching goals which are aligned with our school principles:  Innovate through personalising learning, Engage through powerful partnerships and Inspire through deep challenge and inquiry. The goal I have developed for better engaging in powerful partnerships is this: How might Claire be more explicit in honouring our bi-cultural heritage in her leadership and teaching? The reason for choosing this is as my topic is the result of some serious reflection on my past and my practice. For many years I feel like I have "ticked off" Registered Teacher Criteria no. 3 "demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand", which has the key indicator "demonstrate respect for the heritages, languages and cultures of both partners to the Treaty of Waitangi" without being entirely convinced I a

Effective Andragogy - Universal Design for Leading and Visible Leadership

This year I am undertaking a number of personal professional and teaching inquiries. I am participating in the National Aspiring Principals Programme (NAPP) where I am undertaking a leadership inquiry. I am also working on Masters in Educational Leadership for which I am intending to complete a thesis (in the next year or two). As well as these two external opportunities for inquiry I am also completing three inquiries that are borne out of my personal professional learning plan I am completing as part of our professional learning and appraisal cycle at HPSS. Our HPSS Personal Professional Learning Plan is an attempt to support staff in developing a sense of agency and ownership of their professional development, but done in such a way that ensures their inquiries are focused around putting the HPSS Principles of Innovate, Engage and Inspire into practice. Within the goals there may be 1-3 teaching inquiries with the opportunity to also focus on 1-2 more personal inquiries around th

EDUCANZ - between a rock and a hard place

I feel the need to begin this post with a few disclaimers: I am a passionate and committed PPTA member.  I am current a member of a NZ Teachers Council.  I am feeling genuinely stuck...between a rock and hard place.   As many of you will have seen, EDUCANZ announced that nominations are now open. Source: This was followed (not unexpectedly) by an announcement from PPTA that a ballot would be held to determine whether they will be refusing to put up (or accept) nominations and whether they will be instructing members to do the same. Source: Radio NZ And of course I completely understand where PPTA is coming from. As one of the many who fought a number of the legislations that ended up in the Education Amendment Act 2015 I submitted a written submission and and presented an oral submission that clearly outline what I did and still do see as major flaws in this act. There are several issues with the act in relation to EDUCANZ in pa