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The Dawn of AI - Dr Simon McCallum

Today I am lucky enough to be down at the NZQA 'Assessment in the Age of AI' symposium. I will share my presentation later today. We started the day with a kick-ass keynote from Dr Simon McCallum. You can listen to him speak about the topic here: How AI chatbots could shake up the world   - item from TV show Q+A introducing AI and our keynote Simon McCallum Below are my notes from his session. No apologies for typos and shorthand. ;)  Understanding Generative AI A large language model was initially designed with translation in mind. Translating requires understanding. "Meaning is Usage", mapping words and the connection between words. Some of what we mean is embedded in the words we use. LLM start by mapping words into vectors connecting relationships between words. Meaning in tokens, attention on windows, and building understanding.  Source: Tokens are the basic units of text or code that a