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Introducing City Senior School at The Launching Pad

In November last year I was lucky enough to attend the SingularityU Summit in Christchurch. It was an awesome three days. It reignited my love of futures thinking and served as a swift kick in the pants. I wrote this blogpost.  I went back to school. I felt unsettled. I needed someone to help me process my thinking. So a week or so later I called up my friend and now business partner and co-founder Brett O'Riley . I knew Brett had attended the SingularityU Executive Training in the US and I also knew he shared my frustration at the seemingly glacial pace of change in education. I shared my thinking and a vision for a school that was part school and part innovation co-working space. I wanted to know why we weren't leveraging digital technology to support more self-directed study in a social learning environment. I wanted to know why schools weren't more like GridAKL ? Why are young people still in uniforms "PAC-MANing" their way through disconnected