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Hack Your Classroom - Holiday Reading and Viewing

It would be hard to capture in one post all the fabulous readings and videos I want to share, but here are a few potted highlights to whet your appetite in the lead up to the Hacking your classroom - the Term 2 challenge ! Short Readings A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning Authors: Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy Michael Fullan and Sir Michael Barber, chief education advisor to Pearson, former head of McKinsey’s Global Education Practice and UK government advisor, will lead the launch of A Rich Seam at Pearson’s London office on September 22nd. The speakers will unveil the findings of the report to a selected audience of educationists, academics, policy advisors and media commentators, before leading a live Q&A, which will be live-streamed to a global audience. The report by Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy is the first in a new series of publications published by Pearson. It addresses the challenges encountered when trying to implement new pedagogies

The EDUCANZ Bill - I have made my submission, have you made yours??

Remember teacher friends! Submissions close 30 April 2014.  Make your submission now!  Education Amendment Bill (No.2) - Parliament website  More information about the Teachers Council (EDUCANZ) changes  Education Amendment Bill (No.2): The EDUCANZ Bill – Making a submission Here is my submission, would love to see yours as well!! ;) To the Education and Science Select Committee I am making a submission opposing the changes to the Education Amendment Bill No.2, in particular the sections establishing EDUCANZ and changing the teacher registration framework. I submit that: The lack of teacher representation (Section 380 and Schedule 22) is a major issue. The complete absence of elected teacher positions marks an absolute departure from democratic process. I believe this undermines teachers as professionals and suggests that teacher voice is not valued in decision making related to EDUCANZ. Of even greater concern is the fact that there will be no ele

Hacking your classroom - the Term 2 challenge!

This morning I want to declare a challenge for Term 2. I will be honest, the reason for this is more than slightly selfish! a) I want to set myself the challenge of committing to weekly blog writing (I find declaring things publicly helps me to commit. b) I want to help change NZ education, even if it's one classroom at a time! Why am I doing this? I have a messiah complex....thought I might as well say it before you think it. I actually do believe, I, you and any one individual can led cataclysmic change, so lets just get on a do it...and use it for good. More seriously, I am doing this because I believe education needs to change, see my earlier post here about the why and how. I am also worried that we are all waiting for someone to tell us to do it, to push the big red MoE button, that will mean we have to change. I suspect if we wait for the that message and support to come officially, it will come too late. I actually believe we have what we need to make the cha