Edutouring 2.0 - Getting ready for the TTS US Education Tour

I have to admit to feeling rather spoilt, only 10 days after returning from an amazing edutour through Boston and Canada my Principal (Maurie Abraham) and I will be heading off again on the TTS US Education Tour. Where our first trip focused on self-directed learning, this trip is more focused on e-learning and schools leading the way with one-to-one devices.

The trip is based in the greater San Francisco area and includes a number of schools, a day at Apple (woot!) and a tour of Stanford University.

So what do I hope to get out of it?

To be honest I am hoping to gain a little e-learning inspiration and insight. I am however very aware of how well placed we are here in NZ when it comes to e-learning integration. Whilst there might not be universal adoption and integration here yet, we are certainly moving in the right direction. I am hoping to see e-learning being used mindfully and in such a way that it supports greater student self-direction and genuine differentiation in and beyond the classroom. Am also open to magpie-ing anything that looks good - tips, tricks, apps, platforms and/or programmes.

I will endeavour to post up regular reflections over the next fortnight, or if you prefer your updates a little more bite size, ensure you check out the hash tag #TTSEdUSTour for tweets from the whole tour crew.

In the mean time, thanks to Mary McQuoid and the whole TTS crew for doing the planning, can't wait to don my tour jacket - just as long as it ain't polar fleece ;)


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