Come and join me for some slow/in-depth/ongoing discussions with #hackyrschool

Over the next wee while I am keen to explore a number "future-focused education" topics. The aim of #hackyrschool is to expand on some of the topics touched in #hackyrclass plus a whole lot more. Rather than follow a linear structure or feeling we need to rush breathlessly through a topic at a time, the idea is that we can discuss, dive deep, explore, challenge, pause and ponder a range of topics over time. This may involve a Twitter chat using the hash tags, a response via your blog, video or podcast or simply sharing resources and comments via a Google Community.

The discussion is aimed all educators and anyone else interested in the future of education in NZ and beyond. You might be thinking about how you could lead change in your classroom, or more strategically in your school, you may even someone who would simply like to see change in education for your children or your future employees and our future leaders.

The way this sucker will operate is fairly simple. I will be utterly indulgent and post some musings here. Hopefully some of you might read and reply. Or you may publish your own blogposts, videos or podcasts on any particular topics and share. A combination of hash tags can be used for ongoing and discussion and sharing of readings and resources via Twitter. Finally a Google Community will provide a space for ongoing discussion and sharing if that floats your boat as well.

In terms of topics or strands I am thinking the following might do as a starting point:

This will be the general and parent hash tag/label for all discussion related to this project/group/thingy.

This will be the hash tag/label for discussion around futuring. How we might predict the future and future needs of our learners.

This will be the hash tag/label for discussion around cognitive and thinking theories and frameworks such as SOLO, design thinking, complexity theory, cynefin framework (not that I pretend to know much about this yet) and anything else that might fit loosely in this realm.

This is for the discussion change and change leadership. This might also include discussion around agile learning and leadership and the notion of adaptive expertise.

This is for discussion around the changing physical environment and the idea of physical space being the 'third teacher' in a school environment. This might focus on the notion of modern learning environments (and what does that actually mean?), new builds, makeovers or simply hacking existing spaces.

This is for discussion around transformative use of technologies. How technologies can support future-focused practices and discussion around opportunities for using emergent technologies in and beyond the school environment.

As the hash tag/label suggests, this is for simply sharing or discussing any cool sh*t that may catch your eye or ear.

All of this is of course up for discussion and dissection. Let me know what you think. Are you interested? Do you want to help facilitate? Do you have any feedback or ideas?? If so, please let me know here or on Twitter. Will get on to that Google Community in a jiffy.


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