#GELPedu New models for learning, new pedagogies, digital learning and the educator workforce for the future

Professor Yong Zhao, Presidential Chair, University of Oregon, USA

Slides available at: http://zhaolearning.com

Held up Air New Zealand as an example of innovation - making safety videos you actually want to watch.

Born in a tiny house in China, a "failed Chinese peasant". Has spent his old life running away from his failures - ran away from China to US. 

A lot of money is spent on children's education a year. In NZ approx 10,000 U.S. Per year which is more than 70% of adult's wealth globally. Zhao questioned what students get for this, he believes we are short changing our children. Our children are differently talented. We are driven my different motivations. Where does passion come from? He identified 16 human motivators. 

Diversity of motivation. The is no universal motivator. Natural born diversity is a great asset. Family and nurture can suppress or enhance these motivators. E.g. curiosity can be suppressed or enhanced.  If you spend 10000 hours doing something you are good at and passionate about, you can achieve something great. Spend 10,000 hours doing something you are not good at or passionate about you will get better, but not greatness. 

In Industrial Age was about homogeneity, the needed a workforce with set skills. Schools reflect this. Norm referenced assessment - deficit driven actions. Standardised curriculum, just in case teaching, isolated classrooms. Individual differences forced through school to produce prescribed outcomes. 

I don't believe in driving education by fear. Education should be driven by hope. 

Robotics and automation is an opportunity to focus on what we are passionate about. 

Recommended Reading: The Second Machine Age


Recommended Reading: The World is Flat


We have moved from the age of necessity to the age of choice. We consume choice. Zhao gave the example of shampoos and conditioners - who knew we needed so much choice. 

What's the role of a national curriculum? What is the pedagogy is required to teach our children? We need to make authentic products that mean something to somebody. We need to learn to make, not just make to learn. 

Zhao gave the example of Expeditionary Learning Schools which are exemplified by perfect based learning expeditions, where students engage in interdisciplinary, in depth  study of compelling topics - in groups and often with their community. 

See more about Expeditionary Learning Schools here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expeditionary_learning_schools

We need to develop the global competencies of connecting with other people. 

A new model is needed. 

Individual differences

Multiple Intelligences

Cultural diversity 

Curiosity, passion, creativity

To produce enhanced human talents


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