Erin Weightman - Reimagining Education, Revisioning the Future #futureschools

Erin Weightman speaking at Future Schools
Erin spoke of the the process of re-imagining secondary education at Surf Coast Secondary School. So interesting to hear a school going through such a similar journey to Hobsonville Point Secondary School. She spoke of integrated learning, of teachers working with teams of three teachers within a collapsed timetable. She then spoke of how they used SOLO taxonomy to scaffold the complexity of learning and talked of how they worked on projects under an umbrella concept - sustainable futures. This is all so HPSS! You can see what we are doing at HPSS here.

The only tinge of disappointment was the use of closed proprietary software - iTunes U - I have no issue with Apple, heck I am an Apple fan girl, my issue is using a platform that can only be consumed (properly) through an iPad. I did however the way they used the iTunesU courses to give students choice, agency and access to 24/7 learning. Also worried about the flurry of photos being taken of the iTuneU slide - the platform isn't the answer people. It is also potentially a digital worksheet. Don't drink the kool aid people.

It was heartening to hear that they also used Google Apps - so at least they are not an "Apple" school. There was however a sense that there was a very prescribed approach to how students were taught. I get the desire for a consistent pedagogical approach, but is there professional autonomy, can teachers be creative and responsive?? It was great to see technology was being leveraged, but was the pedagogical freedom that can be achieved through technology integration being leveraged as well. Not sure, would love to learn more!

Don't get me wrong, it was awesome to hear what was happening, great to see the work student's were producing and I really want them to be our sister school! My criticisms about the software is bugbear of mine and not personal at all.

Erin rounded off her talk with areas they were focusing on growing. Great to see such important ideas at the heart of their thinking.

Deep Learning
Personalisation in the Senior Years
General Capabilities


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