Below are a range of subject specific e-learning resources. Please feel free to make recommendations.

NZQA subject specific resources

Studyit - Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA maths, science, and English. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students.
The JASON Project - The JASON Project connects students with great explorers and great events to inspire and motivate them to learn science. Our award winning curricula:
  • Embed cutting-edge research from NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Geographic Society and other leading organizations.
  • Allow leading scientists to work side by side with JASON students.
  • Challenge students to apply their knowledge to the real-world scenarios scientists face every day.

NIWA - Teaching resources from NIWA

SciBlogs - Sciblogs is the biggest blog network of scientists in New Zealand, an online forum for discussion of everything from clinical health to climate change. Our Scibloggers are either practising scientists or have been writing on science-related issues for some time.

Antarctica - Wired Antarctica - Home

:: NASA Quest > Archives ::

Antarctica Lesson Plans

Live to Explore | Untamed Science

Ocean Biogeographic Information System


TestToob - A Community For Every Day Scientists

Fuchs Foundation: Inspiring teachers... changing lives

Ask A Scientist - Submit Question

NASA - Earth Science Week 2008: No Child Left Inside


Free Astronomy Curricula

Lesson Plans about Pest Control Information for School Kids and Teachers -

Planet Green Game

Google Earth Blog: Modified Mars Add-on for Google Earth

The Interactive Geological Time Scale from AGI

Earthguide: Educational Resources in Earth, Marine, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations

Forces of Nature--Science, Maps, Photos, Video (National Geographic)

Flickr: The Commons

United Nations Cyberschoolbus


Sierra Club Chronicles Main > Sierra Club

BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Homepage

FREE -- Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government

Celestia: Home

The Futures Channel Movies and Activities Deliver Hands-On, Real World Math and Science Lessons To

Freevibe. Main Page

Through the Wild Web Woods - A game by the Council of Europe based on the Internet Literacy Handbook

Wildlife Filmmaker, Video Mashups, Animal Videos, Wildlife Footage - National Geographic

Ad Decoder. BAM! Body and Mind

The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham

KidWind | Wind Energy Education Turbines Lesson Plans

Dynamic Periodic Table

General Chemistry Help - My Chemistry Tutor

Mr. Kent's Chemistry Regents Help and AP Chemistry Exam Review Pages

Encyclopedia of Earth

Google Sky

Robert Krampf's Science Education

Google Earth Outreach

Welcome to Ocean of Know

Astronomy Cast

NYPL, Audio and Video Archive

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Darwin Online: Browse Darwin's Papers

Amazing Space - Watch Live Streaming News From the USA & World - Beta Version

Shedd Aquarium

Google Earth Education Community

Minnesota Zoo/Tiger Adventure Games


Pest Control Information for School Kids and Teachers -

Phun - 2D physics sandbox - Home

Welcome to EveryScape

WorldWide Telescope


Climate Change in our World - British Antarctic Survey

Educational Websites For Kids - The KidsKnowIt Network

Eureka! Science News | Latest science articles & news


What's Your Solar Potential? - RoofRay

Teaching Resources | EPA Teaching Center | US EPA

Teacher Resources

The ChemCollective

GetBodySmart: Interactive Tutorials and Quizzes On Human Anatomy and Physiology

Track Tropical Storm Josephine, Track Hurricane Ike, Track Hurricane Hanna / Stormpulse / Hurricane

Teachernet - Science Teaching Resources

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