Weekly e-learning Update - Google Docs, EDtalk and Learning Area pages

Learning Over Lunch

This week’s session was on ‘Introduction to student’s collaborating on Google Docs’. Check out the online version

Professional Viewing Recommendation

Educational ideas now and for the future – Ewan MacIntosh
In this EDtalk Ewan McIntosh from No Tosh talks about the benefits of students directing their own learning - benefits for teachers as well as students. Ewan gives some examples, and believes that over time outcomes from student-directed learning can be tied back to the curriculum.

Did you know?

There are now subject specific pages on our blog (some are still a work in progress!)

The aim of these pages is to provide some handy Learning Area specific links to support teaching and learning.

English Page
Languages Page
Maths Page
Science Page
Social Sciences Page

(Arts and Technology links are on the way - promise!)

Feel free to send your recommendations, feedback or ideas!


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