Google Apps for Education Demonstration Video

Great overview of Google Apps for Education! A little cheesy at times, but definitely informative!


  1. Educators should consider these Google apps so they can improve their teaching. Watch the demo and you'll see how it can be great for them.

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  2. I'm glad these apps exist. Professors and teachers can use these tools so they can teach their students better.

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  3. I know a college where professors are required to use Google Apps. It's a great way to reach out to your students.

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  4. Google Apps are the best development ever in the world of internet. These can be used by a lot of professionals to improve and develop their modes of educations and teachings as well.
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  6. This Google app is definitely very informative. Educators must start considering these applications as a tool in teaching. It's easier and very helpful.

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  10. The Google play store contains lots of useful tools aiding in education. It is one of the best sources of applications for smartphones and computers online.

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  11. Google apps play great role in teaching these days. These apps revolutionize the method teachers teach student and this apps really make children more educated and intelligent SMO Services ( Social Media Marketing )


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