Weekly e-learning Update - Google forms, Social Networking and welcoming laptops!

Learning Over Lunch

Last week’s session was on ‘Introduction to creating a quiz or survey on Google Docs’. Check out the online version here.

This week’s Learning Over Lunch session will be available online Thursday.

Topic: 'Setting up a Group on Facebook' aka How to use Facebook without being "friends" with your students

Professional Viewing Recommendations

Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners (lots here for all curriculum areas)
This presentation demonstrates how web2.0 tools can be used in the science class to enhance learning, celebrate achievements and encourage collaboration. It includes video of student interviews, examples of student work and screencasts showing how the tools can be used. Viewers will gain a ‘digital toolbox’ to encourage 21st century learners to participate, communicate and create.

The Classroom Social Network: It’s not just Fun, It’s Fundamental to Modern Learning
Social Networking has been around for the past 7 years give or take, but until recently hasn’t had a large presence in the classroom. I would like to show you the benefit of using various types of social networking in your own classroom to increase your student’s engagement in the classroom and give you tools to authentically assess their understanding via discussion boards and posting of videos/photos. (Looks at strategies for using Facebook, Twitter and Weebly)

Top Tech Tips

Handy Handout for Google Docs
Click the link above to access a handy one page handout for staff and students about creating and sharing a document on Google Docs

Welcoming laptops into the classroom
Check out the link above for strategies for 'Welcoming Laptops into the Classroom'.


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