EduTECH Day One: Open Schools for globally connected learning

David Price is the author of the fabulous book Open and Larry Rosenstock is the director of High a Tech High.

Autonomy is the new mantra.

Price spoke about the fact that the need for change is escalating, referring to examples such as global warning as an issue showing the need to address wider world issue before it's too late. 

2020 50% of all jobs will be freelance. 

2030 47% of all jobs will be automated.

How are we preparing our students of today for this very real and close future? 

Education Change Deniers! 

I love this term. The term to describe those that want to sell future focused education as a needless left-wing conspiracy - I know of a few of this in NZ!

What we need is OPEN learning. 

Open learning is:
1. Outward facing 
2. Highly creative 
3. Done with not to students 
4. Driven by purpose

If you haven't already, make sure you read David Price's book - OPEN 

Larry Rosentock shared a clip from Most Likely to Succeed. A documentary about the need to change education do as to keep up with the rate of change in wider society. I can't wait to see it in full!

Check out the trailer for Most Likely to Succeed here:

Rosentock talked about presenting students with a problem and letting them solve it. 

He then shared a student project where students collaborated to create massively complicated gears/cogs as a way to learn about different ancient civilizations and demonstrate theories born out of those civilizations. Learning massive amounts about Maths, physics and design along the way. Work is then shared through public exhibitions. Sharing learning is an integral part if the process. 

Students selected by blind lottery. 

To learn more you can even do a MOOC on coursera. 


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