EduTECH Day One: Super Awesome Sylvia - The Power of Making

Super Awesome Sylvia certainly lives up to her name - she is certainly is awesome. An awesome role model for our learners and an important reminder to educators as to how students are capable of not only leading their learning, but also teaching others. 

Check out her website:

It would be great to see this happening in class rather than just at home. A great argument for all classes to not only be maker spaces publishing suites. 

I also like this website she mentioned: where kids can teach other kids. Encouraging them to not only make but to also share, learn and teach! 

Sylvia also demoed her WaterColourBot demonstrating an awesome intersect of art, Maths, robotics and computing. Man I hope HPSS produces legions of young people like Sylvia!!

I also loved that she was brave enough to do live demos, rolling with the hiccups and being an awesome example of why she should take risks and embrace failures as part of the learning process!

Make sure you buy her book:

Her tips:
1. Baby steps - start small
2. Cheap is good
3. Failure happens
4. Be the student (not just the teacher)
5. Don't sweat the small stuff


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