EduTECH Day Two - Heidi Hayes Jacobs: Bold Moves / Thoughtful Leadership

Every time you have a meeting imagine a student in one of the seats. Every decision you make, every thing you discuss must be in that student's best interest. 

Classical teaching is timeless and timely. 

- Antiquated (what to cut)
- Classical (what to keep)
- Contemporary (what to create)

Our learners need classical and contemporary teaching. 
Cultivating "right now" personalized learning experiences. 

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" - Allan Kay

Four Program Structures: 
- Time - physical and virtual 
- Space 
- Grouping learners
- Personnel configurations 

How can we move this along. 

An aside - I think Heidi Hayes Jacobs needs to come visit HPSS and out awesome SLLs. 

We don't need reform, we need new form.

We teach to the time we have. We need to consider time as currency. What's a good use of 20, 40 or 60 mins of time. 

Why does end at the same age? We need to rethink our 12/13 years of compulsory schooling. 

We need to make better use of virtual time and virtual learning. 

Biggest shift we will see more personalized learning and moving from inquiry to quests. We will also move from subjects to topics or contextualized problems. 

The students need us to step up. 

Apologies for slim post. Running out of blogging steam. 

Check our her work here:

and her TEDx talk:


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