#ACEL Day One | Jeanette Cheah, CEO, HEX - Unleashing the power of exponential intelligence

Website: https://www.startwithhex.com/

From the website: Made For Gutsy Learners

The rate of change in tech is exponential, but the rate of change in traditional education is kinda flat...

So we hang out at the intersection of education and innovation, delivering a new kind of learning. We're all about experiences that are immersive, up-to-date, and based in the real world.

5000+ learners have loved our seriously fun virtual programs, study abroad experiences, and hackathon-style events. And they leave HEX with amazing confidence, skills and networks — as well as university accreditation.

  • One-month runway
  • Zero revenue forecast
  • Team of seven staff
  • Jobkeeper not yet announced
  • Schools and students under pressure.
  • COVID closed down the borders
What would you think?

How would you feel?

What would you do?

That time I cried at the kitchen table - choosing electives as a teenager and feeling like it was predetermining their entire career.

40% of CEOs know their business will be redundant within 10 years.

The exponential opportunities.

eXQ - Exponential Intelligence (trademarked)

Today’s socioeconomic challenges are innovation opportunities.

Why is it exciting:
  • Potential for new education design and standards.
  • New talent sourcing and training.
  • New ways of working
  • New leadership superpowers

Industrial revolution - replacing and augmenting muscle with mechanical power

AI revolution - replacing and augmenting brain power with technological power.

Introduced HEX Ed https://www.startwithhex.com/program/hex-high-accelerator-program

Three ways you can improve your eXQ

#1 - Improving your social capital

#2 - Challenge perfectionism

#3 - Leading yourself first

The future is exponential.

Your students are too.


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