#ACEL Day Two | Michelle Dennis Head of Digital Haileybury - Creating a Whole School Approach to AI

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Types of AI - vision speech, language, search, decision

Source: https://ai4k12.org/

Every time you interact with AI you are training the AI and making it better.

Showed a number of images getting listeners to choose which photos are real people and which are generated, highlighting how hard it is to to pick.

Showed the results showing the same prompt being used a year apart and showing how much AI has already evolved and improved.

Showing AI-created video, currently short and have to pay for service but this will change soon.

ChatGPT and friends - ChatGPT is growing the most quickly. Talked about prompts and the ways you iterate improving and updating responses.

ChatGPT - lowered the level of skill needed to get responses. Low threshold to use it but suggests needing to understand some of the ways it works.

ChatGPT Vision - now breaks down images into words. Example - uploaded an image and then asked ChatGPT to create the webpage version via coding.


ChatGPT is one of a large number of tools. As well as the AI built into existing platforms.

We can’t separate the school system from AI, it’s already there. It’s increasingly built into the platforms and services we use. It is changing rapidly.

Such rapid change can make people feel uncertain, especially when people feel so exhausted post-COVID.

Haileybury’s Approach to AI

Our guiding principles for AI
  • Critical thinking and ethics
  • Privacy and security
  • Creative uses
  • Key skills
  • Academic integrity
Critical thinking and ethics
  • Hallucination and inaccuracies - can no longer pick unreliable sources etc
  • Misinformation, bots and bias

How I'm fighting bias in algorithms | Joy Buolamwini

Larger societal questions - Search for your work in popular AI training datasets https://haveibeentrained.com/

Privacy & Security

Key skills
  • Intentionally developing foundational skills
  • Being intentional about the use of AI
  • Be clear about when and where it might be used. This will change from department to department and situation to situation.
Community engagement - Ran sessions with the community to ensure they weren’t left behind.

A digital divide - or an AI divide.
We need all students to have access to AI and be educated about AI.

Regarding detecting plagiarism - don't rely on Turnitin - the most reliable thing is a teacher who knows the students! Amen!!


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