#ACEL Day Two | Mark McCrindle - Disruptive factors shaping the future of education

A focus on leadership & well-being amidst great challenges and opportunities.

From the programme:

While previously considered a profession that offers a balanced lifestyle, more recently the education sector has gone through a steady professionalisation and a stagnation in the lifestyle benefits it can offer. As the responsibility of teachers continues to grow, and emerging interest in the profession declines, schools and the education sector more broadly must appropriately respond to the current and future needs of educators. In this session Mark will provide a practical, data-driven and engaging guide to these education trends, how these massive shifts are changing the way in which students engage with their education, and teachers engage their students, and why work wellbeing is a non-negotiable for the future and how to achieve it.

Demographic growth and change
  • Australia's 2.2% annual growth rate
  • More people and more students
  • Internal migration
  • Rise of the regions 60% have considered to the regions. 20% looking to actually move to the regions.
  • Aging population leading to structural funding deficits. There aren’t fewer children, the older ages expanding faster.
  • 48% of Australians have at least one parent born overseas.
  • Generational language (tech) gap.

AI, digital change and emerging technology

Views of teachers on AI
71% believe it will increase plagiarism
62% believe it will change assessment
57% believe it will hinder student's ability to write
31% believe it will improve productivity
28% believe it will benefit learning
27% believe it will hinder the ability to write code
59% of teachers see AI as a tool and 41% see it as a threat.

68% teachers said their school supported learning with AI
64% teachers said their school was equipped to deal with AI
59% teachers said their school champions use of AI

What do students use most to learn new skills?
Teachers 50%
Websites 48%
TikTok 42%
Parents 39
YouTube 37%

“The Great Screenage”

We have been attached to screens for years, they have just got smaller and more personalised.

75% Gen Z check device within 3 mins of waking

Prefer voice-controlled tech

Student Mental Health

Asthma is the most prevalent health issue up to 14 years.
16-64 Mental health most prevalent
65+ Arthritis
75% of GenZ often/sometimes feel lonely even though they are more connected than ever.

Community - Diversity and Unity

Holistic Learning for Future Proofing

65% of children will go into careers that don’t exist yet
Great speed, greater scale of transformation. We need to be able to keep learning.
The options generation represents unlimited pathways.

Attracting and retraining the next generation of teachers

Shifting from an industrial view of teaching to an artisan view of teaching.
86% see teacher burnout as one of the biggest disruptors of education.
78% feel burnt out after the pandemic
73% feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to achieve in a week.

How likely would you be to recommend a career in teaching?
19% said very likely in 2020 and only 6% said very likely in 2023.

Why teachers consider leaving.
72% were enticed to consider leaving due to a desire for a greater work/life balance
44% ability to work from home
44% greater flexibility
38% better rennummeration
28% better workplace cultures

The key desire for careers that:
  1. Having a purpose and meaning in their work
  2. What aligns with their core values
  3. A workplace of community
  4. Positive impact on those around them
  5. Workplace flexibility
What can we do as leaders?
  1. We need to lead with empathy - Leadership style - collaboration and contribution
  2. Focus on culture - the character and personality of your school. The culture created and depth of people development.
  3. Commit to growth - growth of people. Communication and feedback are wanted more by younger generations.
“The success of a leader is measured not by what they achieve on their tenure, but by what they set in motion.” - Mark McGrindle.


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