SingularityU Sydney Summit - Future Proofing Business

Amin Toufani from T Labs

Talk above from earlier this year.

Exponential technologies lead to exponential winners and losers - theme seems to be the exponential divide!

Self-driving cars led to three things:
  • Unemployed drivers
  • Reduced accidents
  • Reduced car ownerships
Every development brings about losses AND gains.

We are heading for "The Great Bifurcation". We are heading for the great divide. Those who benefit and those who are left behind.

The Intractable trinity
Sovereign risk
  • Commodity Oversupply
  • GDP Compression
  • Technological Deflation
52% unhappy at work
69% Consider meetings not productive
39% Report sleeping at meetings

Happiness at work is proven to be achieved when you have thre things - mastery, autonomy, purpose.

Businesses are starting to realise the importance if hiring trilinguals. These are people with three strengths.
  • Decision Science - they understand the science of decion making.
  • Coding and AI - they don't need to be able to do it, but they must understand the uses for it.
  • The Job - thrdly they need to do the specific job.

Toufani talked about the importance of AQ - Adaptability Quotient

From BBC website. Rapid technological change means workers must keep learning, to the point where an ability to adapt – your adaptability quotient (AQ) – is becoming the X-factor for career success.


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