SingularityU Sydney Summit - Future Crunch: How Did We Get Here?

Presented by Future Crunch

Kicking off Day 2 with some intelligent optimism, prepare yourself for a musically-inspired story about the human race you don’t hear very often. Diseases are being eradicated, war and famine are decreasing, human rights are improving, and millions of people are creating an economy that doesn’t cost the earth. Our species has made some incredible progress in the year 2019 – we’re just not hearing a lot about it. It’s time to get up to speed. We know the challenges we face. This is how, with boldness, creativity, and revolutionary technologies, we are rising to meet them.

About Future Crunch

We are a group of scientists, artists, researchers and entrepreneurs that believes that science and technology are creating a future that is more peaceful, connected and abundant. We’re determined to share that story. Our expertise ranges from political economy, biotechnology and data science, to music, art and philosophy. We use our diverse skills and knowledge to provide unexpected perspectives on the state of the world in 2019.

We create dynamic, evidence-based, visually spectacular talks and presentations, designed to make people think differently. We also curate good news from every corner of the planet, and share it via our email newsletter and social media channels. Our mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and to empower people to contribute to a 21st century that works for everyone.

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Junk information has become our main food group. How do we change our reading habits to whole grain??

Our stories of exponential change have to seduce our sense of wonder.


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