SingularityU Sydney Summit - Introduction to Exponentials

Lisa Andrews Co-CEO SingularityU Australia

UN Sustainable Development Goals were talked about. Could help but think how could we use these to connect up and power up PBL across New Zealand?

Global Grand Challenges are the 12 Global Challenges as defined by SinularityU.

Human Development has been local and linear. Human Development is now global and exponential.

You can't past the Intro to Exponentials that Kaila Colbin delivered at SingularityU Christchurch.

The earths population is now 7.7 billion people due to second Agricultural Revolution. Where will this end?

Moore’s Law and idea of exponential technology. There’s nothing to suggest the exponential rate of development in technology will stop. The iPhone 120 million times more powerful than the computer NASA used to land us on the moon.

We need to think about impact.

Impact - if you want to be a billionaire, solve a problem for a billion people.

The internet of things will become the internet of everything. In 2020 we will have 50 Billion devices and 1 Trillion sensors. WShat will be the impact of this?

Three main impact drivers:
  • Decrease suffering for the people of today
  • Increase happiness for the people of the day
  • Make the world better for the future.

Christina Gerakiteys - Co-CEO SingularityU Australia

Digitised, deceptive, disruptive to democratised

UK 2015 800k jobs lost 3.5 million jobs created. We need to shift our mindset.

Is this humans responding to change. Mourning what they lose??

Scarcity to abundance moving from fear to love.

Lab grown meat - should vegetarians be open to eating it. How can we ensure we have an open mindset.

Humannovate - innovating with humanity.


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